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Apex Solutions for your web hosting and web promotional needs! Get Caught in the Web!
Apex Services :- Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Search Engine Submissions, Web Design
Unix Server Hosting (Standard)
Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server Hosting
Streaming Media Server Hosting

Apex offers fundamental key services for businesses venturing into the Internet circuit. Firstly, there are 3 basic elements to be able to be WWW enabled.

1 :- Your Website

Apex Solutions offers Web Design and Construction services For businesses that don't already have a website. Get professional work done by our competent staff creating dynamic graphical communication that effectively gets the desired results your company business profits from.

Because of the diversity of website development no fixed pricing can be given on any development work. Therefore prices for web-design and construction are based on an assesment of the development work. We do however establish a 'RANGE' for the web development work being done.

RANGE 1 : $150- $300 per page
RANGE 2 : $200 - $500 per page
FLASH DESIGN : $1,000.00 up
*prices are subject to change without notice.


2 :- Your Domain Name

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is a name, such as DomainName.com or Archetopia.com, which uniquely identifies you or your company on the Internet. They can be used For web sites and e-mail addresses (such as you@MyPrivateDomain.com).

At present Apex Solutions will register and renew domains with top level and third level domain names with automatic renewal services. We register domain extensions such as:- .com, .net, .organd we now introduce .biz, .info and our Trinidad Extension - .tt, .org.tt and .co.tt domain TLD's.

2yr REGISTRATION : $630.00 T.T.
RENEWALS : $315.00 T.T. per Yr.
PARKED w/ emails: Setup $50.00 T.T. / $720.00 T.T. per Yr.
PARKED & POINTED: $250.00 per year.
note :- first time hosting/ registration requires 2year registration.


3 :- the Hosting on the WWW!

Apex offers Our Web Hosting Packages. Being solely an IHP, Apex offers reasonable rates for a wide diversity of hosting solutions for the individual -small business, the industrial/ commerce companies through to the advance functions of dynamic web development. These packages have been derived from a number of different scopes and scenarios existing For success on the WWW.

Our Hosting Packages comes with the following standard support for features :-

  • FrontPage 98 / 2000 / 2002
  • Apache
  • Perl
  • Predefined CGI
  • Server Side Includes
  • Secure Server (SSL)
  • FTP Account
  • Unlimited Email Auto-Responders
  • Unlimited Email Forwarders
  • Web-accessible Email *NEW!
  • Catch-All Email Alias
  • Custom 404 Pages
  • Access to raw log files
  • Password Protected Directories
  • PHP (Unix)
  • ASP (Windows)

For more on our Packages click the appropriate links above.

Let people know you're on the WWW!

Ok so your website is up and running, how do you let people know your online? One way of doing this is through online search engine registration. Apex Solutions tenders search engine applications with Microsoft Submit It Central . Get registered with over 200 search engines on the WWW and chance the potential of being found by millions of web surfers looking for what they need on the web! for prices see below listings.

*NEW Direct Submit!

Apex Solutions Introduces Direct Submit Search Engine Submissions through Inktomi and FAST Search Engine Solutions Provider. Get rapid Inclusions into the major search engine circuit with re-submissions and 'click through reporting'.

Microsoft bCentral per URL - $630.00 T.T. per yr. membership.
Inktomi Search Submission Service per URL - $630.00 T.T. per yr. membership.
Fast Search Technologies per URL - $630.00 T.T. per yr. membership.



Increase your Market posibilities by posting your information about your products/ service or company on the WWW even without a website. Our ADBANNER SERVICE allows you to advertise on our website as well as a Web Network of websites who have Banners posted on there website at a low-cost, effective way. Our banner system randomly posts your advertisement at specific intervals throughout our network. Get creative and dynamic, attention grabbing design that will sure to be eye catching to visitors who peruse our network.

ADvertising COSTS* :-
RATE : $630.00 T.T. - (3 months)
Banner Design : $250.00 T.T. up
*prices are subject to change without notice.
Email marketing@apex-solutions.com for more information.


download the application form(PDF Format) here PDF version